Sunday, May 23, 2010

Life Is Most Definitely Like A Box of Godiva Chocolates

I had a great weekend. Why you ask? Well, being a WSAHM can sometimes take it's toll on you mentally and physically. My career has always been in the outside world (meaning that I'm not using to working from home all the time...) It's been quiet challenging to tell you the truth. However, I value and treasure this precious time I have my with my beautiful sons. I'm truly blessed beyond measure. Thank you, Jesus Christ. :) Working from home had always been a goal of mine. Especially being a Mom, these are dreams that I longed to accomplish. Now, I can proudly check it off my list.
Our weekend started with my eldest son getting medals for his sports activities this school year. He got awards for basketball and soccer. I'm so proud of his accomplishments. Truly he has been a huge blessing for me. The first time around of being a Mom to him was a totally different experience than my second one. Being a first time Mom always has a lot of trials and errors. Well, I guess there are no perfect parents out there. If you meet one, let me know. I would love to interview them. Being a Single Mom, I remember when my first born son and I were alone together in our condo. I would just marvel at him. All his little antics and first steps... It seems just like yesterday. My... How time flies. He will be 13 years old next month. I can't believe that I have a teenager. I am looking forward to what his teenage years has in store for me. Hopefully, he won't do half the things that I did...lolllll Looking back, I see how defiant and stubborn I was as a teenager. Hormones are defintely all out of whack at this age. Oh how I didn't understand my moods. One day I felt happy and that everything in my world was perfect. Then, another second it would all come into waves of uncertainty. Puberty- a fun and crazy time in a child's life. I just remember that we lived in Daly City (near San Francisco) California when I was in middle school. Going to Juniperro Serra in Daly City was a feat into itself. I had NO IDEA what was in store for me moving to a big city. This was such a tremendous time of education for me. Not in the sense of formal education at school but street wise education! That school was rough for me. Up until that time, I was raised in a protected and sheltered military environment. Civilian life is a BIG CHANGE!!! I was in for a shock. I still remember the thoughts I had prior to moving into Daly City. I thought about what kind of friends I would make, the new school I was going to and the excitement of living in a metropolis. Bright lights in the big city!
When there was school fights happening, that was the first time ever that I had seen it. I was totally shocked at the brutality that 6th graders are capable of doing. Looking back, that was in 1986 yes quiet a long, long time ago! Seeing the hair pulling, hurling of insults in the air and just the rivalries would send shivers down my spine. There were times that I was being bullied too. Thank God, now the school systems are aware of bullying. That is the start of childhood crime. Talk about child abuse, it's not between parents but kids. That is why we have to nurture our children. Be aware of the schools that we send them to. Take a more pro active approach at the education of our kids. This is our responsibility as parents. Our children are our future.
On another note, God has truly answered my prayers in expanding Hope Alive. Hope Alive, is my non profit organization where we spread the Good News of Jesus Christ throughout the world. We do this through two ministries, Food Programs and Bible Studies. Our success stories are racking up. For that, Lord God, I am so grateful! Working in the non profit sector, is my passion. After years and years of soul searching, working for profit corporations ( and still owning one...) I've come to realize that my heart is in doing my Father's business. To some, it may seem that I haven't been doing anything. This is our 2nd year at Hope Alive. We have helped more than 20 families a month and I've been doing a lot of social work. Especially in helping women. All kinds of women, single women, single moms with kids, single Dads and families. There is so much work to be done. At least, I will always be busy in my passion. We have a Prison Ministry where we reach out the imprisoned. God truly has a big mission for Hope Alive. This past weekend, so many gigantic doors are opening. When God closes one door in your life, He ALWAYS OPENS A BIGGER ONE. Hope Alive is now in the USA, India, the Phillipines and now International. I've been accepted as a Global Media Missionary On Line for Campus Crusade for Christ International! I'm soooooooo EXCITED!!!! Last year Global Media Outreach shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ to 66 million people all over the world. In 2009, about 10,500,000 accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord & Savior. Did you know that about 2 million people search the web everyday for Jesus Christ? Isn't that totally AMAZING!!! We have an opportunity to share our faith. To make a eternal impact on someone's life. NOW THAT IS PRICELESS!!!


  1. I have been an Online Missionary for about 10 months and my ability to share my faith has increased tremendously! I have been so incredibly blessed and it is amazing to develop relationships with people who are asking to learn about Jesus. I know you will be very blessed being an OM.

  2. Awesome, Cindy! That's wonderful! I can't wait! God bless you always!