Monday, May 24, 2010


♥ PRAISE REPORT!!! BREAKING NEWS!!! ORLANDO MAGIC WON TONIGHT!!! YAYYYY!!! Dwight Howard just gave an AMAZING LIVING TESTIMONY TO THE POWER OF GOD!!! At the end of the game, the reporter asked him, "Dwight, with all your success and the Orlando Magic having lost all 3 games- how did you come back?"Dwight's answer was," GOD!!! It's all because of GOD!!! WE PUT ALL OUR TRUST IN GOD! ME & ALL OF MY TEAMMATES! WE NEVER DOUBT!!! IT WASN'T US, IT'S ALL GOD!!!" I'm so proud of Dwight Howard! A man of God who witnesses his faith to billions around the world! NOW THAT'S A REAL MAN OF GOD!!! God bless the Orlando Magic!!! ♥

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