Monday, May 24, 2010

Open Doors

God has opened huge doors for me the past couple of days. Since it is Pentecost right now, the Holy Spirit is surely making His presence known. It's comforting that I am NEVER alone. Living under the guidance of the Holy Spirit in every aspect of my life has been a truly remarkable experience. That's a major understatement. God is limitless. Lately, I've been praying to God about expanding my businesses. When you ask Him to do something with a pure heart, He always answers. God has NEVER let me down! Not even once. I'm amazed at the directions that He is leading me through. I can only say that it is exciting and mind boggling at the same time. There are so many books about there about motivation. Although there are good motivators, and I've pretty much read and studied the big ones (i.e, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie...) I've come to the realization that the Bible is the absolute BEST source of motivation there is! Hands down!!! I was in a crossroads lately, kinda in a rut about the direction my life has been going. Should I continue down this path? Or should I go down a different turn, maybe take a detour (which I have been doing...) In all honesty, I could use a vacation right about NOW! So, with that in mind- I can't wait until our summer vacation. I have a fully paid 7 night, 6 day vacation where I can pick from over 600 destinations around the world. I told you that God gives you whatever your heart desires! You have to put ALL OF YOUR TRUST in Him, though. For those of you that are control freaks, I'm sure it will be a drastic change to your current thought processes. lollllll It's okay! I have been there and done that many times over. More than I care to remember. Now, God has found me. I was blinder than a bat out of Hell. God is now opening more doors of prosperity, success, peace, joy, happiness and lots of love! I am so ready for this new adventure !!! Living with the Holy Spirit, is a roller coaster ride that I NEVER want to end! NEVER. I can say because of Jesus Christ it NEVER will. Each day just keeps getting better!!!

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